Rosa West and Luke Hendricks of Chevron Presents a check for $18,000. 

Board Members Pictured Are:
Hank Neill, Ron Brey, Jean Ozment, Joan Driver, Mike Langran, Larry Goswick, Jane Burns, Carolyn Jones, Ashley Daniels

Staff: Beverly Cauley and Linda Rock

Donations may be made through PayPal (just by clickin on the "Donation" button at the top of this page),
or by mailing them to PO Box 201 Van, TX 75790

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Van Community Ministries

Van Community Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation providing assistance to low-income residents. Our services are available to families in need residing in Van Independent School District. We currently distribute supplemental food, twice monthly, to approximately 400 households.  These services are made possible through grants, fundraisers, and donations of money, food, and volunteer hours from the greater Van community. In hard times, everyone can use a hand, and we want to be that open hand for our community.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Van Community Ministries 
is to coordinate the resources of a caring community in order to assist in meeting the basic needs of the low income population of Van ISD.
Van Community Ministries
Helping Neighbors in Crisis Since 1996