Client Success Stories

Tommy Struble 

                     Tommy is 79 years old and doesn't get Food Stamps. He's been 
                     coming to Loaves & Fishes for more than 17 years. He gets food 
                     twice a month and a Senior Box monthly. He says coming to 
                     Loaves and Fishes keeps him from going hungry part of the 
                     month. Coming here means he doesn't have to choose between 
                     having food and getting his prescriptions. “If I couldn't come here 
                     I'd have to do without food for part of the month.” Tommy doesn't 
                     get Food Stamps any more because he says it's too much of a hassle. He doesn't have use of a computer and says he'd only get the minimum and he doesn't think it's worth it.

Gary K.  

                      He has been coming to Loaves & Fishes for more than 10 years. He has 
                       raised 6 kids of his own plus 8 foster kids. He has survived 3 tornados in
                       the same location and battled cancer for years. He’s been in remission 4
                       times, coded for 30 minutes and was pronounced dead in 1990. He is
                       currently taking chemo again but never misses a food service day.

                      When asked what Loaves & Fishes means to him he says it means food on
                       the table-literally. There have been times when he’s counted the days until
                       the next service day and prayed.  The 2015 tornado took all of his home but the bathroom in which he and his family were hiding. VCM was able to help him get another house, furnishings, clothing and appliances. 

What Gary would like to say to you is “don’t give up – there are people who really care- trust in God, He will provide.” He is truly thankful for Loaves and Fishes and the people who support it.

Gary is just one of the people who come to Van Community Ministries – Loaves & Fishes. He is just one of about 200 families that are fed each month.  Please think of all the Garys we serve and give when you can.

Miranda K.

Miranda K has been coming to Loaves & Fishes since she was a babe in arms. When she was young she didn't understand why they came she just knew there was always good food on the table when they got home.  When the Mother's Day tornado hit their house two years ago she didn't know what her family would do.  They came to VCM and received help ranging from repairs on their house to clothes for school and everything in between. And there was always the food.  Today Miranda is ready to graduate from Van High School and start her life as an adult. She is grateful for all the help through the years and plans to give back what she can when she can. We are proud to have her and her family as Loaves & Fishes family. Congratulations, Miranda, and best wishes for your future.
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