Meet Our Staff
Beverly Cauley is the acting Director of Van Community Ministries. Born in 
Lawton, Oklahoma she moved to Van 20 years ago, but her roots are deep
in the community.  Her grandmother lived in Van and her mother was born
here and still lives in the area. Beverly started with VCM in 2009 as a VISTA
volunteer. After she retired she was looking for something to do and a
friend suggested she sign up for the VISTA program. VCM needed a VISTA
and the rest is history.  When the VISTA program ended, Beverly was such
an important part of the organization that she was offered one of the first paid positions. Beverly says she stays because helping people is the best part of being here. She wants people to understand this organization really does walk by faith; cares about helping our neighbors and can do so much more for people than hand out food. 

 Linda Rock was born in Menominee, Michigan and came to the Van area
 about 4 years ago.  Also, known as “Pastor Linda” she is visitation Pastor 
 at the Church at Garden Valley.  Linda began volunteering at VCM becaus
 she had been involved with a food pantry when she and her husband were
 in Kentucky. When they arrived here she started looking for a local food
 pantry and someone at her church told her about Loaves & Fishes.  After
 helping with the tornado recovery program, Linda was offered a paid 
position.  Having a true servant’s heart Linda loves being here because she has an opportunity to really make a difference in people’s lives.  It makes her sad that so many people don’t even know that VCM exists and that others don’t know that we can do so much more than give food.

Board of Directors

President - Hank NeillJane Burns Larry Goswick
Vice President - Ginger York    Joan Driver Ron Brey
Secretary - Carolyn Jones Jean Ozment
Treasurer - Ashley DanielsMike Langran

Donations may be made through PayPal (just by clicking on the "Donation" button at the top of this page),
or by mailing them to PO Box 201 Van, TX 75790

Mission Statement

The Mission of Van Community Ministries 
is to coordinate the resources of a caring community in order to assist in meeting the basic needs of the low income population of Van ISD.
Van Community Ministries
Helping Neighbors in Crisis Since 1996